Data Converter within Vehicle Telematics System

The role of the MasterCAN data converter is to filter out excess messages, collect and convert useful information for vehicle telematics.

Information such as fuel trip consumption, RPM, fuel levels, engine temperature and oil pressure.

The Wagencontrol MasterCAN is a data converter within vehicle telematics system.

Firstly, it is an interfacing and transformation tool between CAN J1939/71, J1708 (SAE J1587) and RS-485/232 (Modbus RTU) communication standards.

The MasterCAN data converter is used for integration of sensors and peripherals from different interfaces into a single GPS/Telematics and/or remote management system. Filtering J1939/71, Modbus messages and simplifying configuration of a terminal unit – tracker, controller, and display.

Models available include:

Features of the Data Converter within Vehicle Telematics System include:

  • Versatile – used for vehicle telematics, IIoT applications and Industrial automation projects
  • Flexible configuration of input/output SPN, Modbus registers, data baud rate using service software
  • Safe CAN bus and J1708 bus reading using contactless readers
  • Conforms with European automotive standards
  • Power supply from on-board electrical network without extra power adaptors.
  • Convert data between CAN J1939, RS-232, RS-485 interfaces
  • Translate messages of J1939/71, FMS, ISObus, J1708, Modbus RTU standards
  • Transform parameters from J1708 bus to J1939/71 and RS-232 (ASCII, Modbus RTU) Combine data from two CAN buses



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