Differential Fuel Level Sensor

Model DUT-E 2Bio is a differential fuel level sensor.  Summer Diesel, Winter Diesel and Biodiesel have different permittivity values.  This explains the difference in fuel volume measurement when capacitive fuel sensors are used.  It can transmit data via optional Bluetooth adaptor.

It records information on current fuel volume and changes to the fuel tank including if any fuel is stolen.

The differential fuel level sensor is the model DUT-E 2Bio.  Firstly, it has three measuring electrodes allowing the sensors to detect the various fuel types automatically.  It recognises this by a pre-defined pattern and whether it is diesel or biodiesel.  This allows it to make an automatic correction and measure fuel volume precisely – tank fill up or fuel draining volumes. Secondly, it identifies the fuel type change and indirectly evaluates the fuel quality.   DUT-E 2Bio is part of the GPS Tracking System, vehicle telematics and fuel monitoring system. Use it as a replacement for standard vehicle fuel level sensor.

Data is can be transferred wirelessly using the S6 Bluetooth Adaptor.  As it is a smart sensor it is able to process and analyse fuel level data such as temperature correction, signal filtration, linearization and self-diagnostics of sensor operation.

Exciting features of the differential fuel level sensor include:

  • Built on IoT Burger Technology, enabling it to process and analyse data before sending it to the GPS Tracker Unit
  • Configure to Bluetooth with optional S6 BT Adaptor
  • Signal cable resistant to breaks and weather changes
  • Contains a temperature sensor which measures temperature in tank and adjusts accordingly
  • Additional Electrode recognises the fuel type
  • When changes in fuel type occurs there is no need to re-calibrate and reconfigure
  • Connect up to 8 sensors on the same network using S6 compatible equipment
  • Data is transferred through single bus cable


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Adjusting Differential Fuel Level Sensor

Specifications on the DUT-E 2Bio


Operating PrincipleCapacitive
Measurement inaccuracy1%
Supply Voltage10 to 50 V – however, protection to 100
Current Consumption (DC 24/12V)<25/50mA
Probe Length700mm or 1000mm
Output SignalCAN j1939/S6, RS-232/485 Modbus, Voltage, Frequency or Current
Temperature range-40°+85°C


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