Wireless Fuel Level Sensor

Model DUT-E S7 is a wireless fuel level sensor.  It has no cables and transmits data via Bluetooth 4.X Low Energy to a compatible vehicle tracking unit or android device.  It records information on current fuel volume and changes to the fuel tank including if any fuel is stolen.

The Sensor information is controlled by the Fuel Tank App available from Google play and allows simple export/import to other control systems.

The wireless fuel level sensor is the model DUT-E S7.  Firstly, it provides information on current fuel volume and the changes in the fuel tank such a fill up and draining volumes.  So, it assists businesses with accounting for fuel and preventing fuel theft from the vehicle’s tank.  The DUT-E S7 is part of the vehicle telematics system.  This comprises of the GPS Vehicle Tracking System which provides this reliable information. Also used for fuel level monitoring in stationary tanks.

Data is wirelessly transferred.  Using the S7 technology via Bluetooth Low Energy Channel (BLE).  The Bluetooth signal can be received by compatible vehicle tracking unit and/or any Android Device.  It also can be used to alert driver on fuel theft from the vehicle’s tank when parked for the night.

Exciting features of the wireless fuel level sensor include:

  • Wireless data transfer using S7 Technology via BLE (Bluetooth 4.X Low Energy)
  • Operation in BLE Radio mode without pairing to receiver – allowing data transfer to telematics units, smartphones, tablets with Bluetooth
  • Built in Battery and no Cables
  • Low Power consumption allowing autonomous running of sensor to between 5 and 10* years *(depending on ambient temperature)
  • Shortening/extending the measuring probe length
  • Bottom Spring for higher rigidity of mounting into tank
  • Screen filter for probe protection from water and mud in tank
  • Self-diagnostics quality check for sensor operation
  • Automatic Temperate Correction
  • Full set of Mounting Accessories
  • Explosion Protection


Fuel Tank Smartphone App

The Fuel Tank Smartphone App for the DUT-E S7 is available from Google Play. Firstly, the driver can check volume refills, how much is left in the tank and alarms if any is stolen. Plus, it allows fleet managers to record fuel volume in the tank when transferring the vehicle from a driver to another.

Fuel App for Wireless Fuel Sensors

Fuel Tank App Features include

  • Information about the sensors including serial number, firmware version and address within S7 network
  • Saving profile from other android devices
  • Sensor Calibrations on whether tank is full or empty
  • Fuel Tank Calibration Table
  • Self-Diagnostics information
  • Data logging from DUT-E S7 Fuel Level Sensor


Specifications on the DUT-E S7 Fuel Level Sensor


Operating PrincipleCapacitive
Wireless Transfer InterfaceBluetooth 4.1
Tx Power+4 dBm
Rx Sensitivity-88 dBm
Maximum distance between sensor and receiving device10 to 20 Metres when in a vehicle or building
50 Metres when in line of sight
Number of BLE compatible devices receiving signals simultaneouslyAny Number in DUT-E S7 Transmitter's Operation Range
Data Transfer Interval5 Seconds
Estimated life time of sensor (battery)5 to 10 years depending on ambient temperature
Temperature Range-30° to +80 ° C


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