Telematics Gateway CANUp

The CANUp telematics gateway is designed for identifying and recording huge amounts of machinery operation parameters.

CANUp is used in vehicle GPS tracking and telematics. Also for remote stationary object monitoring systems.

The Wagencontrol CANUp is a telematics gateway.

Firstly, it is used to gather and analyse data from additional telematics sensors. It automatically scans and parse J1939/71 and ISOBUS messages. Plus it integrates messages of J1708 and Modbus RTU interfaces whilst tracking object position over GPS and GLONASS. It can generate and send operation reports via 2G, 3G, LTE(4G) or WiFi.

Secondly, the main feature of the CANUp gateway is the use of edge/fog computing methods. This allows the detection of 10,000+ possible parameters of vehicle or equipment operation. Plus, the sending of generated operation reports to the web based telematics server and directly to users via email and SMS.

Thirdly, this system is ideal for boats, trains, mining and quarry equipment, oil and gas extractors, tractors, fuel trucks, diesel power generators, boilers/heaters, fuel stations and other mobile and stationary objects. Advanced machinery are often characterised by multiple points of operation monitoring and control. Such as one or several engines; fuel tanks; steam generator, crane boom, standard analog sensors and various digital data buses and interfaces.

The CANUp telematics gateway together with Wagencontrol smart sensors provides several benefits when used within a single GPS tracking and telematics system for vehicle and station objects. Such as:

CANUp Telematics Gateway benefits

1. 100% compatibility of telematics units and smart sensors – the CANUp gateway is compatible with Wagencontrol fuel level sensors, flow meters, axle load sensors and other products. This ensures error free communication between the device and sensors. This increases the sustainability of GPS tracking and less time for hardware installation and configuration.

2. Sensor connection over the wire and over the air – Universal S6 cabling helps connects dozens of smart sensor to CANUp. Using a single cable for communication, power and configuration of devices. As well as wireless sensors can relate to wired devices. Therefore, creating a combined network of telematics hardware.

3. Sensor Diagnostics and Gateway Self Check – CANUp detects its own malfunction or malfunction of a sensor. The gateway generates a report and alarm and sends them to the telematics server and user.


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