CANbus Display for visual monitoring

The MasterCAN Display 35 is for visual monitoring of machinery operation parameters from CAN bus and ISOBUS.

Other information from additional CAN J1939 and analog sensors can be used in vehicle telematics or stationary object monitoring system.

The Wagencontrol MasterCAN Display 35 is a CANbus Display for visual monitoring.

Firstly, it is used to display CAN J1939 parameters. However, it can display data from additional fuel level sensors, fuel flow meters, axle load sensors and other peripheral units that are used in vehicle telematics systems or stationary machinery monitoring systems.

Secondly, there are over 10,000 parameters of machinery operation information that can be displayed. Access is via the S6 database. The MasterCAN Display 34 is a dash mounted CAN Display. It assists the driver or machinery operator to monitor the most important engine operation parameters. It also assists them to get readings from additional sensors and devices.

This product is installed in construction equipment, agriculture machinery, railway vehicles, water transport, mining equipment and special vehicles for geological exploration and oil production. Also in systems for remote monitoring of power (diesel) generators and boiler/burner sets. Otherwise the display can used for solving single tasks like axle load display and fuel consumption monitoring.

Features of the CANbus Display for visual monitoring include:

  • Displaying 402 parameters, selection from S6 Database‚Äôs 10,000 SPN
  • Automatic CAN J1939/71 and ISO Bus messages scanning and parsing
  • Possibility to Parse and display proprietary CAN bus messages
  • Embedded converter of analog signal to CAN interface messages
  • Flexible configuration, adding/deleting screens, parameter and units naming



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