Automatic Tank Calibration Station

The DUT-E ATS-1 is a tank calibration station. It automatically calibrates fuel vehicle tankers and stationary fuel tanks up to 3000 litres when a fuel level sensor is installed.

This device speeds up fuel calibration process and provides a higher accuracy of fuel levels.

The JV DUT-E ATS-1 is an Automatic Tank Calibration Station. Firstly, the station is controlled via Bluetooth from Android based smartphone or tablet.

Advantages of the Automatic Tank Calibration Station DUT-E ATS-1 includes:

  • Continuous filling of liquid provides a high accuracy of fuel tank calibration
  • Automatic shut off in case pressure/temperature limits are surpassed
  • As well as quick coupling hose fittings using camlock
  • Two operation modes – automatics and semi automatic 2-3 times quicker calibration of fuel tank
  • Human reliability does not affect the accuracy of calibration


Operating Principle

1. After connecting the fuel level sensor to the calibration station an approximate value of tank volume is set in the Service S6 DUT-E mobile app. Necessary for recording of 60 calibration points and generation of calibration table with equal step of filled fuel volume.

2. Pushing the “STAR” button automatic fuel tank calibration begins. Also the station automatically pumps fuel from external tank into calibrated tank at optimal speed

3. Generation of calibration table is made continuously as fuel tank is filling: values of fuel level in tank is measured by several different Wagencontrol fuel level sensor and corresponding values of filled fuel volumes (measured by DFM Marine Flow Meter) are transmitted through Bluetooth to the android device

4. Mobile app automatically generates calibration table so the process of tank calibration with ATS-1 doesn’t require any attention of technician.

5. After fuel filling to calibrated tank is finished the tank calibration process automatically ends. The technician can save calibration table into sensor’s memory or save into a file for further transferring to GPS tracker or online telematics/vehicle tracking server.


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