4-20mA 2 Wire Multi Channel Isolators 671T, 672T, 674T

Models 671T, 672T, and 674T are multi-channel 4-20mA 2 Wire isolators. They receive 4-20mA process current inputs and provide isolated 4-20mA output signals. Power is provided from input signal current. Each channel operates independently and are isolated from the others to prevent interaction between channels.

671T Single I/O Channel

672T Dual I/O Channel

674T Quad I/O Channel

The 671T, 672T and 674T are 4-20mA 2 Wire Multi Channel Isolators with either single, dual or four channels manufactured by Acromag.

Firstly, for easy troubleshooting, each unit has LEDs and diagnostic test points. The faulty LEDs identify output open loop conditions and load compliance programs. The 10 ohm sense resistor allows monitoring of the output signal without disturbing field wiring.

Secondly, the input/output ranges 4 to 20mA DC input 4 to 20mA DC output. The loop power is provided from the input signal current.

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Features of the 671T, 672T and 674T 4-20mA 2 Wire Multi Channel Isolators include

  • Multiple channels on a single unit save space and reduces costs
  • Galvanic isolation eliminates ground loops, reduces noise and blocks transient signals
  • Independent Channels prevent signal interaction and offer spares for later use
  • Fault LEDs provide a clear visual warning of open or failed process loops
  • Single Calibration pot per channel allows one step precise calibration


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