Impact Hammer MIH-10

This general purpose IEPE Impact Hammer, excites medium or large structures and machinery with a definable impulse pulse.  Therefore, allowing the studying of dynamic impact behaviour and determining the overall structural health of a test specimen.

Applications for this product include:

  • Impact force measurements on medium to large structures
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Impellers


Used in a dynamic structural testing system for modal analysis.

The MIH-10 Model is an Impact Hammer for medium or large structures or machinery. It is part of our MIH Impact Hammer Series product range.

The purpose of an impact hammer is to measure the frequency response functions using impact excitation techniques.  A tool commonly used as part of a dynamic structural testing system.  Especially, modal analysis in the prediction of a structural response of items.

Firstly, the MIH-10 has a measurement range of ±10,000 N. In addition, with a 0.5 mV/N output sensitivity.

Secondly, a great feature of MIH series hammers is that it incorporates quartz dynamic force sensor built into the impact hammer tip. Coupled with inbuilt electronics, reduced size and weight of the hammer head and ergonomic handle it reduces the overall hammer inertia.  Providing a quicker rebound and a high frequency excitation to be produced.

Electrical connection is achieved via a BNC Connector located at the end of the hammer handle.

Finally, this product is supplied with casing, a 2 Metre Coaxial Cable, and 3 interchangeable head tips.  The head tips range are hard, medium and small.  Perfect for determining the impulse shape and the bandwidth of the excitation.

Impact Hammer


Other features of the lightweight impact hammer MIH-10 include:

  • 35cm length
  • > 45 kHz Resonant Frequency
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • 0.5 mV/N Output sensitivity


Why buy from Metromatics?

Finally, Metromatics has been supplying accelerometers and impact pulse hammers to our customers for over 30 years. Therefore, our products have been used from simple product testing to structural testing of railways and major Australian bridges and buildings.  We provide prompt local service and can provide a full dynamic testing solution for your application.  Contact us now or learn about the specifications of the MIH-10 here.


Metromatics MIH-10 Impact Hammer Data Sheet