MIL-STD Remote Video Switch

EON Instrumentation manufacture the remote video selector.  It is a six position rotary switch.  It works in conjunction with the VSA-103 which is a six camera in and a six position out video switcher.  The rotary switch allows the operator to select any of the six input cameras to display on their monitor.

It meets a range of Military Standards and is suitable for Defence Video applications.

EON Instrumentation’s MIL-STD Remote Video Switch is a six position Rotary Switch.  Firstly, there is no input voltage or power dissipation as it operates with the VSA-103 Video Switcher. It weighs 104 grams.

Secondly, it is suitable for Defence or Harsh Industrial applications as it meets a range of Military Standards.  Such as:

  • Power: MIL-STD-1275D
  • EMI: MIL-STD-461D
  • Operating Temperature: -40 to +44°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to +63°C
  • Shock: MIL-STD-810E Figure 516.4-1 Operating 40 G’s
  • Random  Vibration (40 minutes each axis, Operational)
  • Vertical Axis 5-500 Hz, 2.21 G’s RMS
  • Transverse Axis 5-500 Hz, 1.61 G’s RMS
  • Longitudinal Axis 5-500, 1.93 G’s RMS
  • Rapid Decompression: MIL-STD-810E Method 500.3 Para II-3.3 Procedure II


Lastly, this model is part of the 30hz to 30Mhz Analog Video Switcher family.  They process composite RS170, NTSC, PAL, RS343; component VGA, RGB, SIU and other signals.  Also have the ability to select multiple inputs to multiple outputs.

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MIL-STD Remote Video Switch

Model #Standard Signal In/OutStandard Signal Connector In/OutInputsOutputsUnique Features
ADV-301-21CompositeMIL S2 




Mechanical Switch


About EON Instrumentation

EON Instrumentation is a US Company.  They design and manufacture military qualified products for airborne, shipborne and ground vehicle platforms.  Products include Analog and High Definition Video Systems (splitters, converters, selectors, cameras, monitors and recorders); Interference Blankers, Rugged Power Supplies, Audio Amplifier Systems and System Engineering Programs.

Rotary Switch Analog Video Selector