Timecode Generators and Inserters for Real Time Results

Instrumentation Technology Systems (ITS) offer a range Timecode generators, displays and inserters providing accurate real time time stamping capability to service and support Defence, Broadcasting and HD-SDI Engineering Industries.

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ITS’s product portfolio consists of GPS synchronized timecode generators and inserters and timecode displays. Products are used world wide by government, military/defence and aerospace as a time reference.

However, their real specialty is HD-SDI Video in real time.  Firstly, they bring traditional time stamping of text and graphics to the HD-SDI Engineering Test Market.  Secondly, they use the metadata off the the image to collect image relevant data in real time.  Finally, this type of technology is used in a range of end results such as missiles to vehicle engines.

Therefore, for over 40 years, ITS have been a market leader in the delivery of their affordable Video – Data Fusion Products.  Above all,constantly improving their production methods.  For that reason, through strict quality control and focusing their engineering talents on customisation of their products for different markets.

As a result, giving you the power to solve your video instrumentation and timing tools applications with ITS’ Timecode Generators and Inserters Products, today.

Therefore, view the product range below or contact us.

Lastly, EON Instrumentation purchased the ITS Product line of HD-SDI and Analog Video Inserters, Time Code Generators & Displays, Video Recorders, Encoders and Controllers.  Firstly, this will expand their current Video System Architecture product line to include flight test through mission system production.  Also, manufactured and customised under EON’s AS9100D Quality System in the USA.


Analogue Video InsertersHD-SDI InsertersHD-SDI Uncompressed Video Recorder 6520D-32N
Analogue Video InsertersHD-SDI InsertersHD-SDI Recorders
Timecode displaysTimecode GeneratorsTimecode generators and inserters - Video Controllers
Timecode DisplaysTimecode GeneratorsVideo Controller


Key customers include: US Navy,  US ARMY, US Air Force, NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center, Blue Origin, SpaceX, ViaSat, Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, Cessna, Lear, Australian Defence Forces and more.


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