MIL STD Cockpit Timecode Display 6135B

The 6135B displays IRIG B serial timecode and displays the time in HH:MM:SS in 0.75” High Red LED 7 Segment Digits. It contains a dimmer control and is secured with 2 Dzus panel fasteners.

It is a fully MIL qualified timecode display and is designed to be a functional replacement for the Datum 9520.

The ITS Model 6135B is a MIL STD Cockpit IRIG B Timecode display.

Firstly, it decodes and displays an applied IRIG B timecode signal. The 6135B displays the applied timecode or in the absence of a signal, the internal clock. The display brightness is adjustable via a front panel selector switch. If there is a loss of serial timecode input, the displayed columns flash at a 1 Hz rate to alert the operator that it is running off an internal clock.

Secondly, the 6135B is housed in an aluminium enclosure. It measures 14.61 cm wide by 3.81cm high by 12.7cm deep and designed for aircraft mounting. The optional front panel allows 4 position Dzus rail mount per MS25212. The 6135B is powered by 15-36VDC including MIL-STD-704A transients. The 6135B has been tested and shown to meet the relevant requirements of MIL-E-5400T for flight and crash safety as well as EMC.

Features of the MIL STD Cockpit Timecode Display 6135B include:

  • Displays IRIG B Timecode
  • Front Panel Intensity Adjustment
  • Internal Clock Maintains time in absence of IRIG time code signal
  • Form, fit, function replacement for discontinued DATUM 9520-647
  • Tested & Meets MIL-E-5400T, MIL-STD-461E both CE102 & RE102
  • Power 15-36 VDC 2.0 Watts
  • Survives transients per MIL-STD-704A Standard DZUS Rail Mount per MS-25212


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Lastly, EON Instrumentation purchased the ITS Product line of HD-SDI and Analog Video Inserters, Time Code Generators & Displays, Video Recorders, Encoders and Controllers.  Firstly, this will expand their current Video System Architecture product line to include flight test through mission system production.  Also, manufactured and customised under EON’s AS9100D Quality System in the USA


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