Transformer 10KVA

The Gresham Transformer 10KVA and distribution panels aid ship’s power systems.  This system has an IP23 rating and is vacuum impregnated and enveloped to eliminate micro and macro micro porosity and macro porosity.  This unit can also be built into custom power converter equipment or comes built into its own rugged metal casing.  This unit is perfect for rugged environments and naval defence applications.

The Gresham Transformer 10KVA and distribution panels aid ship’s power systems.

The Transformer 10KVA has undergone vacuum impregnation and is also enveloped for harsh environments.  This transformer also comes in a sturdy steel enclosure. Alternatively, transformers can also come built into power converter equipment providing full galvanic isolation to the converted power system as a result.

Furthermore, the distribution panels consist of shock rated circuit breakers mounted in steel enclosures. Each circuit breaker is customisable to user requirements.  They also have an individual tally. Users can also incorporate circuit breakers into specific power converter equipment.  This helps users avoid the need of separate distribution panels for custom built systems.

Key Features of the Transformer 10KVA

  • Enclosure for deck mounting. Lifting eyes are provided
  • Dimensions: 523 x 422 x 311 (O/A)( h x w x d) mm
  • Weight: 131kg
  • IP23 Ingress level protection
  • Withstands shocks up to 12g
  • Meets shipboard vibration
  • Withstands ship motion due sea action, accelerations and velocities from deliberate ship manoeuvres.
  • Natural air cooling

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