Universal Input Intelligent Alarm 801A

The 801A is part of the Acromag IntelliPack family. Intellipack alarms compare inputs against user defined limit set points to control built-in relays.

This software configured module accepts Thermocouple, RTD, millivolt and resistance inputs and produces single or dual mechanical relay alarm outputs.

Acromag’s 801A is a Universal Input Intelligent Alarm Module.

Firstly, each unit offers a selection of input ranges and alarm functions to handle a broad range of applications. Therefore, as requirements change the unit can be reconfigured for different ranges or functions.

Secondly, Alarm functions available on all models include on/off controller, limit alarm, window alarm, deviation alarm, rate-of-change alarm, and peak/valley detection.

Thirdly, Setup is very easy. IntelliPack alarms are configured through a user-friendly Windows 7 or newer program. Field adjustments and re-calibration are quickly performed with front-panel push-buttons and status LEDs. Once configured, IntelliPacks operate independent of any host computer.

Features of the Universal Input Intelligent Alarm 801A include:

  • Integrated micro-controller performs intelligent signal processing for advanced alarm functions
  • Windows 7 or newer software configuration speeds setup and replacement
  • Push-button re-programmability facilitates changes in the field without a host
  • PC Multi-purpose inputs accept numerous ranges to reduce spare stock requirements
  • High-resolution Sigma-Delta A/D converter delivers high accuracy with low noise
  • Input excitation supply on each input provides power for a two-wire transmitter
  • Dual alarm operation lets you perform two alarm functions at the same time
  • -25 to 70°C operation


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Acromag manufacture a range of Universal Inputs.


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