COTS Embedded Computers

The Acromag ARCX COTS Embedded Computers are COTS SWaP optimised deployable solutions for Aerospace, Defence and heavy Industrial applications.  Featuring a small foot print, a low weight, rugged casing and a reliable Intel CPU System which makes them ideal for harsh and space restricted environments.

There are two models currently available in the ARCX Series: ARCX4000 and ARCX1100.


There are two COTS Embedded Computers currently available in the Acromag ARCX Series.  Firstly, these products offer great flexibility with their customisable design.  Not only do the products come with standard PMC, XMC, Mini PCIe and mSATA slots.  They allow the customer to select specialised I/O, Storage and FPGA Modules.

Secondly, both models feature rich and reliable processing power with Intel® Processors.  They are also capable of operating in harsh environments and extreme temperatures.  In short, this makes them ideal for Defence & Heavy Industrial Projects.

Finally, for more information on these COTS Embedded Computers, click on the images below or  contact us.

COT Rugged Embedded ComputerSFF Embedded Computer with Modular IO

Rugged Embedded Computer featuring Intel® Core™ i7 CPUs

SFF Embedded Computer featuring Intel® Atom™ CPU

High Performance 4th Generation CPU

Rugged Design

Customisable Expansion

Removable SATA Drives

PMC/SMC Module Expansion Slots

Four I/O Expansion slots for AcroPack or Mini PCIe

Small Foot Print and Gross Weight


Extended Temperature range

About Acromag

In conclusion, Acromag are superior manufacturers of Embedded Computing and Processing I/O Solutions.  Above all, their products consist of COT Rugged Computers, AcroPack Mini PCIe based interface I/O boards, FPGA Modules, Single Board Computers and Carrier Cards.  In addition, they also manufacture I/O Modules in a range of form factors such as COM Express, CompactPCI, Industry Pack, PCI, PCIe, PMC, VME, VPX and XMC.  Finally, their products are for a range of Industrial and Defence applications applications.  However, Metromatics provide local sales, service and support for the Acromag product range in Australia and New Zealand.  We welcome you to contact us so that we can assist with your unique application and provide an Acromag product which delivers your requirements.


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