Dual Head Flying Probe System – Huntron Access DH2

The Access DH2 Prober is a dual head Robotic Flying Probe system that is best suited for low volume PCA testing where interfacing between two points is necessary. The Access DH stands in it’s own cabinet with plenty of space underneath for a rack mounted PC and other test instrumentation.

To find out more how Huntron Access DH2 Prober can increase your productivity; read on further below.

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The Huntron Access DH2 Prober – Flying Probe System for Automated Probing of PCAs

The open architecture design of the Access DH2 makes it possible for you to utilise flying probe system technology with many different test methods where automated probing of the PCA under test makes sense. The Access DH2 can be used with traditional Huntron Tracker products, configured to work with conventional test instruments, (oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, etc.) or specialized test cards such as boundary scan.

The Access DH2 design allows a plug and play approach to automating manual guided probe applications.

Dual head flying probe system


Features of the Huntron Access DH2 Prober include:
  • Dual head flying probe interface for true point-to-point testing
  • Sized for small to large PCAs
  • Exceptional accuracy for precise probing of PCAs
  • Internal Huntron Tracker and rack mounted Computer included (Contact Huntron for current PC configuration)
  • RG316 coax cable to the probes used for high frequency measurements
  • Durable, stand alone cabinet design for many years of service
  • Built-in side by side 19″ racks provide plenty of space for PC and integrated test instrumentation
  • Automate tests using other mainline test instruments with optional SDK packages



Technical Specifications
Number of Test Heads2
Maximum Board Under Test Size68.6cm x 58cm
Maximum Probing Area48.3cm x 30.5cm
Maximum Board Component Height12.2cm
Dimensions119.4cm W x 156.2cm H x 90.8cm D with handle
Cabinet Internal Dimensions114.3cm W x 73.6cm H x 83.8cm D
Accuracy and Resolution0.0003937″ (±10 microns) for Top Slot (6″ above plate) at 0.00002″ (0.4 microns)

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