Flying Probe for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

The Huntron Access Prober is used to automate the testing of printed circuits assemblies (PCA) that would otherwise have to be tested by hand. Adding a Flying Probe Tester to your analysis procedure will significantly decrease test times.

Read on below on how the Huntron Access Prober can increase your productivity.

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The Huntron Access 2 Prober is a Flying Probe Tester for large sized Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCA). Firstly, it has exceptional accuracy. This is achieved by micro-stepping and linear encoding. Which automatically ensures reliable probing of the smallest surface mounted components.

Flying Probe for large PCA

In addition, the high-resolution colour camera ensures correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test.

Features of the Huntron Access Prober Flying Probe for large PCA include:

  • Single head flying probe tester interface in a benchtop sized platform
  • Sized for medium to large PCAs
  • Exceptional accuracy for precise probing of PCAs
  • Durable design for many years of service
  • Can be configured with a Huntron Tracker┬« inside
  • Automate tests using other mainline test instruments with optional SDK packages

Technical Specifications of the Flying Probe for Large Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

Number of Test Heads1
Maximum Board Under Test Size56cm x 58cm
Maximum Probing Area46.2cm x 56.9cm
Maximum Board Component Height10cm
Dimensions91.44cm W x 39.88cm H x 73.66cm D
Accuracy and Resolution0.0007874″ (┬▒20 microns) at 0.0003937″ (10 microns) minimum

Finally, for more information on the Huntron Access 2 Prober, contact us.

About Huntron

Huntron is a Seattle based company. They are a supplier of tools for engineers and technicians who test, diagnose and troubleshoot printed circuit assemblies.

The Tracker is a pioneering troubleshooting tool that uses power-off signature analysis. It identifies component failures on printed circuit boards. Over time, Huntron has added robotic automation to help deal with the increase in board complexity and help users save valuable time. The current Access Prober product line can decrease test times tenfold when compared to manual methods.


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