Multi-Protocol PCIC Bus Card PCIC-MA4

The PMC-MA4 interface module is a multi-channel, multi protocol 1553 and ARINC PCIC Card.  Supported by the latest software technologies to enable great system performance and easy integration.  PCIC is a PMC PCI 32 Carrier.

The Alta Data PCIC-MA4 is a Multi-Protocol PCIC Bus Card.  Firstly, this product uses the 32-bit FPGA protocol engine technology (AltaCore) with AltaAPI multi layered software.  This hardware and software package provides fast and portable integrations.

Secondly, the capability includes variable message/label framing/subframing with transmission scheduling provides the most advanced control operations.  ARINC TX has complete frequency control per channel.  RT and ARINC RX – Monitor, Playback and provide Signal Generator functions for the most demanding requirements.

Features of Multi-Protocol PCIC Bus Card PCIC-MA4 include:

  • 1-5 Independent, Dual Redundant (A/B) MIL-STD-1553 Channels and 8 ARINC Channels on PCI Carrier
  • PMC on PCI 32 Carrier Configuration
  • Dual Function 1553 (BC/Mon or mRT/Mon) or Full Function (BC/mRT/Mon)
  • ARINC – 8 Channels Total:4 Shared TX/RX & 4 Dedicated RX; 512 Kbyte of RAM for all Channels/Banks
  • 512 Kbyte RAM per 1553 Channel and ARINC Channels
  • **Capture 1553 & ARINC Waveforms**
  • First 1553 Channel & First Two ARINC RX Channels
  • Commercial, Industrial (Extended) Temperature
  • Advanced BC & ARINC TX Frequency Controls: 1553 Framing/Subframing;
  • RT/ARINC RX Full Buffering with 64-bit 20 nsec Time Tags
  • Advanced, Multi-layer AltaAPI Provided at No Cost with Source Code
  • Windows, Linux, RTOS, LabVIEW & RT .NET Managed DLLs
  • Contact Factory for Latest RTOS Support
  • True HW Playback (BC or TX)
  • Industry First: 20/1000 ns Signal Generation
  • Bit Construction
  • Supports RT or ARINC Validation Testing
  • IRIG-B RX PAM or RX/TX PPS Ext Clock
  • Avionics/ RS-485 Discretes
  • Advanced BIT Features and Dual Temperature Sensors
  • Full HW Interrupt Features
  • PCI 32 Bit, 33/66MHz & PCI-X Compatible
  • NOTE: On shared channels: TX lines have an extra RX load; when powered-off, RX channels can have severe voltage drain – use only dedicated RX channels for critical systems.



Alta Data is committed to provide each customer with a risk free integration and will assist with Metromatics to provide help with any level of your system development project.

For more information, contact us.


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