Rack Mount Electronic Enclosures

Discover the pinnacle of electronic protection with the Metromatics’ MMEQ-2RU Pearl Series. Crafted with precision, this 19” 2U Rack Mount Enclosure is designed to seamlessly house various electronic components.

Merging robustness with sleek design, it ensures your equipment remains securely mounted, offering both functionality and peace of mind in one sophisticated package.


Metromatics’ Premium 19-inch Rack Mount Electronic Enclosures : The Ultimate Protection for Your Electronics

The MMEQ-2RU Series are Metromatics’ cutting-edge 19-inch rack mount enclosures.  Firstly, customised to house your electronic equipment which eventually installed in 19 inch racking. When it comes to electronic enclosures, our 2U rackmount enclosure stands out as a testament to durability, adaptability, and precision.

Unparalleled Versatility & Design Firstly, our rack mount electronic enclosure boasts an architecture that lets you securely mount a diverse range of equipment into your rack system. It’s not just any enclosure – it’s an extension of your electronic infrastructure.

Tailored to Your Needs No two projects are the same. Which is why our enclosures are tailored to meet specific requirements. The front aluminium plate of this 2U rackmount enclosure can be personalised.  Allowing for a variety of inputs, outputs, buttons, switches, and connectors. Moreover, the adaptable ventilation design permits the alteration of holes to facilitate the installation of cooling fans.  In addition, we’re great at cable management for network equipment and server racking.  This ensures optimal performance and longevity of your devices.

Efficiency Delivered Time is a valuable asset. Recognising this, Metromatics offers the added advantage of populating the enclosure with your electronic components. Save time, effort, and ensure impeccable assembly with our professionals at the helm.

Rack Mount Electronic Enclosures


  • Model: MMEQ-2RU
  • Material: Premium Powder Coated Aluminium
  • Format: 19 Inch Rack Mount Enclosures; 2 Rack Units High (2RU) often referred to as suitable for 2U Rackmount enclosure.
  • Dimensions: 500mm (L) x 445mm (W) x 85mm (H)
  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • I/O Front Panel: Customisable upon request


Featured in our showcase is the Custom Rack Mount Power Supply Enclosure, designed explicitly for a Defence Customer. It exemplifies the efficiency of our design with cooling vents that ensure adequate ventilation without the necessity for additional equipment fans.


Rack Mount Electronic Enclosures


Extended Series for Diverse Needs Our commitment doesn’t end here. The MMEQ Series Electronic Equipment Enclosures also come in 3U, 4U, and 5U rack mountable versions. Whether for industrial or military rackmount enclosure case applications, we can modify and design a wide range of enclosures to meet stringent standards tailored to your project’s specifics.  Items such as:  Wall Mounted or Rackmount Chassis, Chassis for Networking Equipment or Server Racking.

Your electronics deserve the best rack mounting hardware. Please Contact Metromatics now for top-tier rack mount electronic enclosures and witness the difference in quality and service.

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Rack Mount Electronic Enclosure