RF Telemetry for rotating machinery 2100/3100

This system consists of one or more rotating signal conditioner or signal transmitter modules with a battery pack and a stationary receiver.

It is held in place by a Kevlar band that is available in various lengths and can be attached to any shaft 5.84cm in diameter or larger. This system can operate at up to 2500 Gs.

It is often referred to a Band-On Telemetry System. Used in Marine and Automotive Applications

ATI’s 2100/3100 Series is RF Telemetry for rotating machinery that transmits real time sensor data from a rotating shaft whilst the system is running.

Firstly, the rotating transmitters (part of this system) interface with almost any sensor. Including strain gauges, thermocouples, thermistors, RTDs and accelerometers.

Secondly, Data is transmitted via RF Telemetry link and power is supplied by a rechargeable battery pack. For example, a one-channel strain gauge transmitter connected to a 350 ohm bridge can operate continuously for 15 hours per charge. Remote On/Sleep feature extends operation when continuous data collection is not in use.

Thirdly, a stationary receiver powered directly from 12 VDC or 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz adaptor. An analog output connection is included for connection to a data acquisition system. Plus, the programmable display reports the measured value, remote battery charge and data status.

Finally, each system comes complete with all required accessories including antennas, AC power adaptor, DC Power Cord for the receiver, battery charger and all required cables.

Other features of the RF Telemetry for rotating machinery 2100/3100 include:

  • Digital RF Technology provides clean data free of drop outs
  • No noisy or problematic slip rings
  • Easily moved from shaft to shaft
  • Transmits sensor signals via radio transmitter to stationary receiver
  • No shaft modifications required Kelvar Bank secures transmitter and battery to shaft
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference, dust, oil, moisture


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