Rotating Telemetry System

ATI’s Rotating Telemetry System provides a solution to common shaft mounted obstacles.

There are several different models available: 2100LP Series Low Power Telemetry System, 2100R Series Rechargeable Telemetry System and the 2100i Series Inductively Powered Telemetry Systems.

ATI specialises in the manufacture of a Rotating Telemetry System. These systems measure signals from common shaft mounted obstacles to provide real time torque measurements. Some of the models are listed below:

ATi’s 2100LP Series Low Power Telemetry Systems can be powered by a rechargeable lithium cell, rechargeable Lithium battery packs, or standard and high temperature (Tadiran) non batteries. To extend battery life, the Transmitter continuously checks for control signals from the Receiver. When it detects that the Receiver is turned off or is out of range, the Transmitter automatically goes into an ultralow power Sleep mode conserving battery power.  In Sleep mode, it periodically wakes up to check for the presence of the Receiver’s control signal. When this signal is sensed, the Transmitter fully powers up and resumes transmitting sensor data.

ATi’s 2100R Series Rechargeable Telemetry Systems offer more performance and features while providing solutions to common shaft mounted obstacles. Separate but simultaneous data and status signals allow a variety of control functions.  Independent of the high quality data stream ATi is known for. Battery power means lower noise floors, more versatile installations, no active power generation or tuning.

ATi’s 2100i Series Inductively Powered Telemetry Systems are ideal for long term, uninterrupted measurements or for installations on which changing or charging batteries is not feasible. Power is supplied to the Telemetry Collar inductively via the stationary loop. Rechargeable Battery Powered Systems are also available in a Band-On version.

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