Torsional Vibration Monitoring System 2000 Series

The ATI 2000 Series is a Torsional Vibration Monitoring System. It is used Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) testing and analysis.

Mainly used for vehicle drive train, wind turbine gear boxes testing and other applications where measuring or monitoring rotating vibration is important.

The 2000 Series is a Torsional Vibration Monitoring System.

Firstly, this system is used to transmit torsional acceleration from a rotating shaft or component, whilst the machine is running.

Secondly, the system consists of a transmitter and two accelerometers housed in a rotating collar. The accelerometers are mounted 180° apart. The output is processed by the transmitter so that the gravitational effects are cancelled. This enables the circuitry to perform high sensitivity measurements. Then the conditioned signal is transmitted to the receiver. Available in multiple and single piece versions, the rotating collars are available to clamp onto most any size shaft.

Thirdly, transmitter power is available as a battery, rechargeable battery or inductively. Inductive power is delivered through a stationary loop antenna to a rotating antenna in the collar. This is recommended for continuous, non interrupted measurements. In addition to a display, the receiver has analog outputs which be monitoring or recorded for analysis. Each system is complete with all required accessories.

Features of the Torsional Vibration Monitoring System 2000 Series include:

  • No slip rings
  • Integral Accelerometers with no sensor connections
  • Transmit Sensor Signals via radio transmitter to stationary receiver
  • No Shaft modifications required
  • Clamp on Collar houses
  • Transmitter and Battery or Induction Power Converter
  • Contains embedded transmitting antenna
  • Immune to electro magnetic interference, dust, oil, moisture
  • RF Technology provides clean data that is free of drop outs.


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