Strain Gauge Transmitters for Torque 2100/3100

The Miniature Strain Gauge Transmitters can be attached to strain gauges adhered to the machinery shaft to transmit shaft torque and thrust whilst the system is running. Power is supplied to the transmitter inductively for continuous and non-interrupted measurements.

These products are used in Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Manufacturing and Marine applications.

ATI’s 2100/3100 series are strain gauge transmitters for Torque that transmit data from rotating shafts or machinery to a stationary receiver.

Firstly, power is inductively supplied through a stationary loop adaptor to a rotating antenna. The rotating loop antenna and induction power converter are embedded into the collar assembly.

Secondly, the single piece and split collars are available in most sizes. They clamp or bolt onto any shaft size. Receivers are available with built in or external induction power supply. Both include a digital backlit LCD Display and analog outputs. Unit can be powered directly from 12 V DC or 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz adaptor.

Finally, each system comes complete with required accessories.

Other features of the Strain Gauge Transmitters for Torque 2100/3100 include:

  • Transmits sensor signals via digital radio transmitter to a stationary receiver
  • Digital Transmitters available for Strain, Torque, Pressure, Voltage, Temperature, Vibration
  • No shaft modifications required
  • Clamp on Collar houses digital transmitters and inductive power conversion circuitry
  • Contains embedded transmitting antenna
  • No slip rings or moving parts
  • Remote shunt calibration available
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference, dust, oil and moisture
  • Multi Channel Systems available


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