Telemetry Collars and Mounting Blocks

ATI’s Telemetry Collars and Mounting Blocks are available in several standard configurations.

Custom Collars and Mounting Blocks can be manufactured to attach a transmitter securely onto rotating machinery so that the telemetry system can secure accurate measurements.

ATI specialises in the manufacture of a Telemetry Collars and Mounting Blocks. These systems measure signals from common shaft mounted obstacles to provide real time torque measurements.

Some of the models are listed below:

Telemetry Collars Single piece collars. can be mounted where there is easy access to one end of the shaft. Collars can also be made in two or more sections to be clamped onto a shaft.

Telemetry Mounting Blocks Mounting blocks. are typically used on larger applications where a collar is impractical or in cases where the installation may be often moved to different shafts.

Band-On Rotating Telemetry Systems. The Kevlar strap is available in different lengths so this easy to use Band-On system can accommodate just about any diameter shaft 2.3” or larger. See Band On Rotating Telemetry Systems to learn more.

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