Inductively-powered Shaft Torque Measurement

This system connects directly strain gauges on the shaft and convert it into a torque sensor. This allows it to transmit shaft torque whilst the vehicle is operating.

This system is regularly used as a testing tool by automotive and racing engineers to obtain real time torque measurement from vehicle drivelines.

The system can be installed on most any size shaft and is easily installable by the you, the customer. Power in this model is supplied to the Telemetry Collar inductively through a stationary loop adaptor.

ATI’s 2100 series is an Inductively-powered half Shaft Torque Measurement System which transmits torque signals from rotating shafts to a stationary telemetry receiver.

Firstly, power is inductively supplied through a stationary loop adaptor to the Telemetry Collar for continuous, uninterrupted operation. The receiver features an integral induction power supply, built in speaker and digital backlit LCD display that is scaled to read out in Engineering units.

Secondly, the collar is made from two piece fibre glass composites. It has no mechanical parts making it lightweight and maintenance free. It only requires 1.27 cm clearance to allow the collar to be placed anywhere on the shaft.

Finally, the receiver can be powered directly from 12V DC or with 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz adaptor. It provides an analog output signal representative of the measure for use in almost data acquisition system. The Half Shaft Collar is now available with an optional RPM Measurement option. This means the optical RPM sensor outputs 12 conditioned pulses per revolution.

Other features of the Inductively-powered Shaft Torque Measurement System 2100 include:

  • Transmits sensor signals via digital radio transmitter to a stationary receiver
  • As well as no shaft modifications required
  • Collars available for most any shaft size
  • Split transmitter collar clamps directly to half shaft or axle shafts
  • Also contains embedded transmitting antenna
  • No slip rings or moving parts
  • Quick and Easy installation NIST traceable calibration supplied
  • Multi Channel Systems available


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