Tyre & Wheel Testing Systems

The ATI Tyre & Wheel Testing Systems are custom designed and manufactured practically for any application. This design was for a Defence Contractor. This inductively power system wirelessly measures tyre pressure and temperature during testing. It also incorporated a valve for incremental pressure adjustment or immediate deflation in emergency.

The ATI Tyre & Wheel Testing Systems was a custom manufactured product for a particular application.

Firstly, ATI manufacture custom systems with assorted input types and channel counts can be manufactured to meet customer requirements. Transmitters are available for any sensor input. Including strain gauges, thermocouples, RTDs, voltage, amperage and more.

Secondly, onboard sensor excitation and signal conditioning are integrated with the transmitters. In addition to the display, the station receiver provides real time analog outputs that can be recorded for further analysing. Analog outputs can be ±2 VDC, ±5 VDC, ±10 VDC, 4-20mA or other tailored specifically to requirements.

Thirdly, systems are available in battery powered, rechargeable battery pack powered or inductively powered versions, to meet system requirements. Systems are also available for measuring propeller or rotor blade stresses, shaft torque and any number of other parameters.

Click here for more information on propeller and rotor blade strain measurement systems.

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