Steering Effort Sensor System 2140SE

The ATI Steering effort systems are used to measure steering wheel torque continuously by using a strap on steering wheel sensor that transmits real time torque measurements via radio telemetry.

The 2140SE Series is a Steering Effort Sensor System.

Firstly, the wheel sensor is available in almost any torque capacity. It transmits the torque signal to a portable telemetry receiver. The sensor contains a built in telemetry transmitter which is powered by a 9 volt battery.

Secondly, the sensor can quickly be attached to a standard stock steering wheel with cable ties. Therefore, no modifications are required to the vehicle. The receiving antenna is a rubber whip style. It can be mounted most anywhere and connects to the receiver.

Thirdly, the receiver supplies an analog output for connection to recording devices. It is reliable, durable and immune to the environment. Enabling use in extreme conditions including shock and vibration. Systems are used world wide, especially in Defence and Race Car applications.

Features of the Steering Effort Sensor System 2140SE include:

  • Easy to mount – attaches directly to standard steering wheel with cable ties
  • Non Contact with no slip rings to stay rod
  • Torque signal is coupled from the steering wheel via digital radio telemetry
  • As well as, operates in any environment – durable & can withstand harsh condition
  • Available for most size steering wheels
  • Allows airbag deployment
  • No slip ring noise or maintenance
  • Shunt calibration Long life – no maintenance


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