Low Power Digital Telemetry Systems

The 2100/3100 Series is a low power digital telemetry system that can operate for a year or longer on a single battery pack. Therefore, providing flexibility in shaft torque measurement solutions.

The 2140LP Digital Miniature strain gauge transmitter can be connected directly to strain gauges attached to a shaft converting it into a torque sensor. Since it is wireless, it can transmit shaft torque measurements in real time while the shaft is turning.

The ATI Series 2100/3100 are low power digital telemetry systems.

Firstly, this is achieved by using LP Series Miniature Strain Gauge transmitter. These transmitters measure only 7.24 mm thick which allows installation on shafts with little radial clearance. The battery power eliminates requirement for power stationary loop antenna and provides 1M or more signal range.

Secondly, for multiple channel applications, up to 16 low power 1 channel transmitters can be simultaneously operated. Transmitters can be taped directly to rotating shaft or clamped using standard collars or Kelvar straps.

Thirdly, there are multiple battery choices available for powering the digital transmitters. Options include: rechargeable lithium cell, rechargeable lithium battery packs and non-rechargeable batteries.

Finally, other features of the Low Power Digital Telemetry System include:

  • Transmits torque measurement via digital telemetry link to stationary receiver
  • No shaft modifications required
  • Tape modules to axle, drive, prop shaft or rotating equipment
  • Transmitter is potted in epoxy for extreme durability and contains a full metal shield around circuitry
  • As well as quick and easy user installation
  • True remote shunt calibration
  • In addition the low power transmitter can operate over one year on single charge
  • Automatic low power standby mode conserves power whilst not in use turn key systems available
  • Multi Channel Systems available


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