Flexplate Torque Sensing System

ATI Flexplate Torque Sensing System allow in-vehicle Engine Output torque measurements. A customer-supplied flex-plate is converted into a rotating torque sensor.

Custom stainless steel sensors are also available to mate directly with engine and transmission components.

No vehicle modifications are required.

The ATI Flexplate Torque Sensing System is used as an accurate and dependable torque measurement. It is independent of thrust loading, temperature or other environmental factors.

Firstly, highly reliable and durable RF Telemetry is used for data transfer. Whilst, Induction Power is used to transfer electrical power to the rotating sensor. These technologies permit excessive movement between the rotating sensor and stationary loop antenna. With no effect on the signal quality – minimal alignment between the stationary and rotating components is required.

Secondly, it is immune to the Environment. The RF Telemetry and Induction Power are also immune to dust and oil build-up. Unlike Infrared Torque Sensors which are sensitive to not only dirt build-up but shaft movements as well. The sensing element is designed to be immune to thrust loading which occurs when the torque converter heats up. All components are designed to withstand the harshest shock and vibration conditions in addition to 140 degrees C operation. ATi was the first in the industry to successfully measure Indy Car engine output torque in-vehicle using the same technology.

Finally, for more information on the Flexplate Torque Sensing System, contact us.


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