Inductively Powered Telemetry System

ATI’s Inductively Powered Telemetry Systems are used to transmit data from rotating shifts or machinery to a stationary receiver.

The miniature strain gauge transmitter can be connected to strain gauges attached to the shaft in order to transmit torque and thrust whilst the system is running.

The Inductively Powered Telemetry System provides Power to the telemetry transmitter.

Firstly, this provides continuous non interrupted measurements. Plus, no batteries are required. This is achieved by the induction power supply delivering power through a stationary loop antenna to a rotating antenna. The rotating loop antenna and induction power converter are embedded into the collar assembly. Specialised systems are available for automotive half shafts (drive shafts) and prop shafts as required.

Features of the Inductively Powered Telemetry System include

  • Transmits Sensor Signals via Digital Radio Transmitter to a Stationary Receiver
  • Transmitters available for Strain, Torque, Pressure, Voltage, Temperature, Vibration – almost any type of signal
  • No Shaft modification required
  • Clamp on Collar House
  • Transmitters and Inductive Power Conversion
  • Circuitry contains embedded transmitting antenna
  • Eliminated Cumbersome Slip Ring Installation
  • Remote Shunt Calibration available
  • Extremely rugged and operates in the harshest of conditions
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference, dust, oil and moisture



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