Low Power Half Shaft Telemetry System

ATI’s low power digital telemetry system can operate for one year or long on a single battery pack, providing extreme flexibility in shaft torque measurement solutions.

A high resolution data link incorporates error checking that does not produce spikes or drop outs in the signal. In addition, status/control signals provide feedback of battery voltage and Transmitter module temperature when enabling Remote Shunt Calibration.

ATI’s Lower Half Shaft Telemetry System LP Series measure 0.285” thick.  Firstly, this allows installation on shafts with very little radial clearance. Battery power eliminates the need for an inductive power stationary loop antenna.  As well as simplifying the installation which provides 1M or more of signal range.

Secondly, for multiple channel applications, up to 16 Low Power 1-Channel Transmitters can be simultaneously operated on unique frequencies in close physical proximity to each other without causing interference.

The LP series Transmitters can be taped directly onto the rotating shaft or clamped to the shaft using one of our standard or custom collars or housings. The 2-piece collars clamp directly onto the rotating shaft. Sizes can be provided for most any size of shaft. Collars can be adapted to smaller shafts using rubber shim kits. The collars and cover plates provide protection from debris. ATi’s Band-On housings are mounted to the rotating shaft using a Kevlar strap. Having straps of varying lengths on hand allows the system to be mounted onto just about any size of shaft quickly. Protective cover plates are also included with the Band-on systems.

Batteries for Low Power Half Shaft Telemetry System

Whether it is for a temporary or long term application, the batteries and transmitter module can be taped directly to a shaft.   However, in this configuration, the antenna wires are wrapped around a rubber spacer to separate them from the metal shaft. There are multiple battery choices available for powering the Low Power Digital Transmitters. Options include a 3.6V rechargeable lithium cell, rechargeable Lithium battery packs, or standard and high temperature (Tadiran) non-rechargeable batteries. Depending on the battery/cell combination selected, a minimum of 100 hours of continuous data collection is expected.

Finally, the use of larger capacity single cells or multiple cell battery packs can increase the run time of the Transmitter to over one year. Eight high temperature AA cells will power the Transmitter for over one year’s worth of eight hour days.

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low power half shaft telemetry system