Wheel Mounted Telemetry System 2100/3100 Series

The ATI 2100/3100 Series is designed to provide the measurement of critical parameters from a rotating wheel. This system is available in various configurations.

It allows manufacturers of wheel and tyre components, suspension and drive train mechanics to accurately measure various parameters to optimise the performance of their product.

The ATI 2100/3100 Series is a Wheel mounted telemetry System.

Firstly, it designed to be mounted directly on the existing wheel rim (with no modifications to wheel hub). The system can provide data on tyre characteristics, suspension systems, brake performance, drivetrain and more.

Secondly, it can withstand harsh environment of vehicle road testing. It operates over the full speed range of cars, trucks and SUV’s. The optional angle encoder determines the angular position of the wheel. This modular design allows transmitters to be swapped so different parameters to test setups can be configured. Hub adaptors accommodate both 4 or 5 lug patters or customised lug patterns and include special lug nuts to replace standard versions.

Thirdly, this wireless system consists of one or more 2100 Series transmitters. It can measure acceleration, pressure, temperature and other vital information from a rotating wheel. Transmitters provide the needed excitation and signal conditioning of the sensor data. This information is transmitted via telemetry to a receiver module located in the vehicle cab for data collection and analysis. No FCC license is required to operate these transmitters.

Features of the Wheel Mounted Telemetry Systems 2100/3100 Series include:

  • Transmits acceleration, pressure, temperature and most other measurements from a rotating wheel
  • Also configurable with 1, 4,8 or 16 channels
  • Single collar can interface with multiple sensor types
  • Optional built in angular wheel position sensor available with resolutions up to 0.1 degree
  • Rotating components powered with rechargeable battery pack
  • As well as mounting to front or rear wheels
  • Accommodates all suspension travel and steering angles
  • Extremely rugged design capable of handling harsh environments
  • Adaptor plate enables any lug pattern.


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