Miniature Telemetry Receivers

The ATI Miniature Telemetry Transmitters are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any application and suitable for a variety of different sensors and inputs

ATI’s Miniature Telemetry Receivers are suitable for a range of applications.

For example some models include:

Acceleration Telemetry Transmitters – Acceleration transmitters are compatible with most ICP type accelerometers and have a 1 milliamp constant current source.

Current Telemetry Transmitters – Firstly, current transmitters are designed for use with any current output type sensor or current source.

LVDT Telemetry Transmitters – Secondly, LVDT transmitters are compatible with most AC type LVDTs. As well as, have a built-in 3 Vrms, 5 kHz excitation source. Current output or voltage output LVDTs can be used with other transmitters listed on this page.

RTD Telemetry Transmitters – RTD transmitters are designed for use with 100 or 1000 Ohm, Platinum, 3-wire RTDs. These transmitters have a 2 milliamp excitation source or they can be tuned to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Strain Gauge Telemetry Transmitters – Strain gage transmitters are designed for use with strain gages or other Wheatstone bridge type sensors with millivolt outputs. In addition, the transmitters have a built-in voltage excitation source.

Thermocouple Telemetry Transmitters – Thermocouple transmitters are designed for use with Type J or Type K thermocouples. Transmitters can be optimized for the customer’s specific measurement range.

Voltage Telemetry Transmitters – Voltage transmitters are available in AC, DC or RMS types for use with any type sensor or voltage source with outputs from 50 millivolts to 480 volts. And a built-in excitation source is optional on voltage transmitters

General specifications include

  • 1 Channel – 10,000 samples/sec*
  • 2 Channels – 5,000 samples/sec/channel*
  • 4 Channels – 2,5000 samples/sec/channel*
  • Also with resolution of 14 Bits*
  • *Other configuration such as number of channels, sample rate and resolutions are also available.
  • Integral Non-Linearity ± 0.10%; Repeatability ±0.025% with Maximum Error of <0.15% Full Scale.


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