Rugged HD-SDI Video Matrix VSA-103D

EON Instrumentation manufacture the High Definition Video Selectors.  This model composes of two parts. The VSA-103D operates like a splitter/amplifier and accepts and provides up 6 HD-SDI inputs/outputs.  The other component is the Video selector switch.  This unit determines which input is being sent through to that output.

It meets a range of Military Standards and is suitable for Defence Video applications.

EON Instrumentation’s VSA-103D is a Rugged HD-SDI Video Matrix.  Firstly, the VSA-103D contains 6 HD-SDI inputs and 6 HD-SDI outputs.  Each output is controlled by the video selector switch.  This unit determines which input is being sent through to that output.  Each output is amplified to unit gain depending on the input signal level.

Secondly, the VSA-103D supports 270Mbps, 1483/1485 Mbps and 2967/2970 Mbps or automatic re-clocking rates.  The power input is 18-36 VDC.  Whilst input and output BNC impedance is 75 ohms. Video returns are common to chassis ground.  However, different input and output impedances are available upon request.  Some can be integral with chassis ground as well as different fixed gains from video in.

Thirdly, the VSA-103D is qualified to MilSpec EMI, Environmental and Power requirements.

Lastly, this model is part of the 270Mhz to 5Ghz High Definition Video Switcher family.  They process HD/SDI, DVID, HDMI, and Display Signals.  Also you can select multiple inputs to multiple outputs.

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Rugged HD-SDI Video Matrix VSA-103D

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6×6 Matrix with six position remote switches


About EON Instrumentation

EON Instrumentation is a US Company.  They design and manufacture military qualified products for airborne, shipborne and ground vehicle platforms.  Products include Analog and High Definition Video Systems (splitters, converters, selectors, cameras, monitors and recorders); Interference Blankers, Rugged Power Supplies, Audio Amplifier Systems and System Engineering Programs.

Video Matrix VSA-103D