MIL-STD Timecode Distribution Amplifier 6189M-10

The 6189M-10 is a timecode distribution amplifier that meets Military Standards. It contains 10 fully isolated transformer coupled, IRIG Timecode Outputs with an output load of 75 ohms each channel and front panel level control.

This model has been designed to provide shock, vibration and EMI Shielding for Military Aircraft Projects (Hawkeye E2-C).

The ITS Model 6189M-10 is MIL-STD Timecode Distribution Amplifier that distributes an independent transformer coupled IRIG B Analog Signal from a single source.

Firstly, the 6189M-10 IRIG B Input complies with IRIG Standard 200-98. The input range is 0.5 Volts peak to peak to 10 volts peak to peak. An input IRIG level control adjusts the input amplifier gain. This is to accommodate the variation in the input level which affects the output level.

Secondly, input isolation is achieved using transformer coupling. The 10 IRIG outputs are individually buffered with isolation provided by the output transformers. All controls, connectors and indicators are on the front panel.

Housed in a shielded aluminium enclosure designed to meet the enhanced shock, vibration and EMI requirements of the E-2C Hawkeye Aircraft. It measures 19.05 cm long by 10.80cm wide and 5.08cm high.

Features of the MIL-STD Timecode Distribution Amplifier 6189M-10 include:

  • 10 Fully Isolated, Transformer Coupled, IRIG Time Code Outputs
  • Output loads up to 75 ohms, each channel
  • High Impedance IRIG B Input
  • Front Panel Level Control
  • Powered by 9 to 36 Volts DC, 4.5 Watts Maximum
  • Shock & Vibration per MIL-STD-810E, EMI per MIL-STD-461E


Lastly, EON Instrumentation purchased the ITS Product line of HD-SDI and Analog Video Inserters, Time Code Generators & Displays, Video Recorders, Encoders and Controllers.  Firstly, this will expand their current Video System Architecture product line to include flight test through mission system production.  Also, manufactured and customised under EON’s AS9100D Quality System in the USA

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