Serial 232 Communication IP Module IP500A

The IP500A modules are designed to enhance your system’s data communication capabilities.

They feature four asynchronous EIA/TIA-232E serial ports and 16-byte FIFO buffers, ensuring efficient data handling for both transmitting and receiving.

These modules are ideal for embedded computing applications, providing reliable and efficient management of important data.

The Acromag IP500A is a Serial 232 Communication IP Module provides asynchronous serial and parallel communication interfaces for your system.  Therefore, offering reliable and efficient data handling capabilities.


  • Easy Configuration: Quickly set baud rates (up to 128Kbps), character sizes, stop bits, and parity with the software. Custom rates up to 512Kbps are available upon request.
  • Modem Control: Full signal support, including RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, and RI.

Efficient Data Processing:

  • FIFO Buffers: Each serial port includes 16-character FIFO buffers for efficient data processing on both transmit and receive lines. This reduces CPU interaction, enhancing system performance.
  • Interrupt Management: The data ports generate individually controlled interrupts for transmit, receive, line status, and data set. Unique interrupt vectors can be assigned to each port, making it easy to identify and locate the interrupt source. A priority shifting scheme prevents continuous interrupts from one port from blocking interrupts from others.

Key Features:

  • Four RS232E serial ports
  • 16-byte FIFO buffers
  • Programmable baud rate up to 128Kbps (custom rates up to 512Kbps)
  • Full handshake support (RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCD, RI)
  • Line-break and false start-bit detection
  • Industry-standard 16C550 family UART, compatible with 16C450 mode


  • Enhanced Performance: Minimises CPU interaction with 16-byte FIFO buffers.
  • Simplified Modem Interfacing: Each serial channel provides full handshake support, simplifying interfacing with modems.

Specifications of the Serial 232 Communication IP Module IP500A:

  • RS232E Serial Ports: Independent, non-isolated ports with a common return connection, configured as DTE devices. Maximum cable length is 15 metres, limited to a cable capacitive load of 2500pF.
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 70°C.
  • Power Requirements: +5V at 300mA max, ±12V at 75mA max.


Finally, for more information on the IP500A, contact us.


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