TTC-SIP Signal Isolator Software

The TTC-SIP Signal Isolator Software is for Acromag DT, ST, TT Series Transmitters and SP, uBSP Series Signal Splitters. The package includes configuration software CD-ROM, Isolator (USB-ISOLATOR and two USB Cables (4001-112, 4001-113).

Recommended one kit per customer.

The Acromag TTC-SIP Signal Isolator Software is compatible with a range of Acromag Transmitters and Signal Splitter Series.

Firstly, set up requires a USB for digital calibration and Windows configuration software. You can also download the configuration software from the software tab, here.

Secondly, this kit can also configure TT/SP/DT family transmitters.  To do this users should block connections between the transmitters and the USB port.  This prevents a potential ground loop between your PC and a grounded input.

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