Dewesoft’s Power Analyzer: Global Certification Simplified for PV Inverters

EPC Power Inverters that use Dewesoft Power Analyzer for testing in extreme conditions and for International Codes

Precision and reliability are non-negotiable in the power generation and distribution sector. Dewesoft’s Power Analyzer steps in to ensure these features are not just met but exceeded. Particularly in the area of solar inverter testing. It assists PV Inverter manufacturers in adhering to international norms. Achieved by conducting comprehensive power tests and calculations of voltage and currents. Ensuring compatibility with diverse standards globally. Including AS/NZS 62109 for grid code compliance, and guarantees performance under extreme weather conditions.

Given the different physical power combinations across the globe, there are many regulatory bodies, each setting standards specific to their locale. In Australia, for example, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) oversees the nation’s major gas and electricity markets, while Standards Australia leads in developing and publishing standards, which become part of legislation and regulatory frameworks.

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) also plays a pivotal role in Australia’s power industry. Especially concerning renewable energy sources like solar inverters. The CEC oversees installer accreditation. In addition, it ensures solar and battery products, including those undergoing solar inverter testing, meet both Australian and international standards for quality and safety.

Dewesoft’s contribution to this field is highlighted in their application note, “Power Inverter Certification According to Standards and Grid Codes,” which underscores the value of advanced power analyzers in certifying solar inverters. Drawing from EPC Power’s expertise in utility-scale photovoltaic inverters, the story describes the critical function these tools serve in ensuring power quality measurement and compliance in the power industry.

Why Read This Application Story?

EPC Power, known for its cutting-edge power conversion systems. However they faced a significant challenge: certifying their photovoltaic inverters to a myriad of national and international standards. This challenge is not unique to EPC Power. It is a universal hurdle for any entity dealing with power generation and distribution. The complexity and diversity of global standards and grid codes make it a daunting task. This means engineers need to ensure their systems are compliant and perform optimally under any condition. EPC Power’s journey to overcoming this obstacle with the help of Dewesoft’s power analyzers serves as a powerful testament. The critical role these devices play in certifying solar inverters and ensuring grid code compliance in the power industry.

Convincing Reasons to Consider a Dewesoft Power Analyzer

  • Streamlined Compliance with Global Standards: Navigating the maze of international standards and grid codes can be overwhelming. EPC Power’s experience underscores how the right power analyzer can simplify this process. Therefore, ensuring systems meet global standards for PV Inverter manufacturers.
  • Adaptability to Extreme Conditions: Power systems must operate reliably in any environment. High-quality power analyzers are essential for solar inverter testing under extreme conditions, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Enhanced Power Quality and Performance Analysis: Understanding the intricacies of your power system’s performance is crucial. Power analyzers offer detailed insights into power quality measurement, optimizing efficiency and reliability.
  • Future-Proofing Your Systems: The power industry is rapidly evolving with renewable energy sources. A sophisticated power analyzer is an investment in the future, enabling adaptation to new standards and technologies.
  • Simplifying Complex Testing Procedures: Advanced power analyzers streamline the testing process. Therefore, making it easier, faster, and more accurate, particularly in certifying solar inverters for grid code compliance.
Dewesoft Sirius High Speed Power Analyzer


The journey of EPC Power, from facing the daunting task of meeting international standards to finding a solution in Dewesoft’s power analyzers. This is more than just an application story. It’s a roadmap for anyone in the power industry looking to ensure their systems are not just compliant but are also operating at peak efficiency and reliability. This story is a compelling argument for the value of high-quality power analyzers. In solar inverter testing, power quality measurement, and achieving grid code compliance in any power generation or distribution setting.

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