CAN-FD for Automotive Testing & Diagnostics

IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD product shot. CAN-FD is used for Automotive Testing & Diagnostics

In the automotive industry, the demand for higher bandwidth and enhanced performance is ever-increasing. Dewesoft, a leader in innovative data acquisition solutions, has addressed this need. With the introduction of the IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD. This cutting-edge device is Dewesoft’s first multi-channel CAN FD module for Automotive Testing & Diagnostics. Designed to meet the sophisticated requirements of modern vehicles that rely on multiple communication buses.

The IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD is designed to excel in a wide range of automotive testing scenarios, including but not limited to: For example

  1. Vehicle Network Communication Testing
  2. Engine and Powertrain Testing
  3. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Testing
  4. In-Vehicle Network Monitoring
  5. Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Testing

Let’s explore the key features and benefits of the IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD, and understand why it’s a game-changer for automotive testing.

Unmatched Data Rates for Superior Performance

The IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD supports impressive data rates. For example, offering up to 5 Mbit/s on a single bus. When utilising all four bus channels simultaneously, it can achieve data rates up to 2 Mbit/s. This high bandwidth capability ensures that the device can handle the extensive data flow required for comprehensive vehicle diagnostics and performance monitoring.

Exceptional Compatibility

One of the standout features of the IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD is its extensive compatibility. The CAN FD interfaces support transmission capabilities. In addition, it is fully backward compatible with CAN 2.0. Moreover, they support crucial automotive protocols. Such as SAE J1939, OBDII, and XCP/CCP. This versatility makes the IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD an invaluable tool for a wide range of automotive testing and diagnostic applications.

Robust Isolation and Power Supply

To ensure reliable and interference-free communication, the IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD features galvanically isolated communication lines. Additionally, it provides an isolated sensor supply of +5 V and +12 V. Achieved through DSUB9 input connectors, with a power limit of 1.25 W. This robust isolation and power supply configuration safeguard the integrity of the data and the connected sensors.

Versatile Configurations

The IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD is available in three distinct configurations to cater to various application needs:

  1. IOLITEi-4xCAN-FD: This stand-alone modular device comes in an IOLITE® modular aluminium enclosure. Therefore, making it ideal for distributed applications and installations.
  2. IOLITEir-4xCAN-FD: Designed as a slide-in card, this version can be inserted into any of the IOLITE® rack mainframes. Such as IOLITE® R8, R8r, or R12, offering flexibility and ease of integration.
  3. IOLITEirw-4xCAN-FD: For data recording applications in harsh environments. This watertight version of the slide-in card is perfect for use with Dewesoft’s IP67-rated OBSIDIAN® data loggers.

Advanced Data Collection and Real-Time Control

Like all standard IOLITE modules, the IOLITEir-4xCAN-FD is equipped with two EtherCAT buses. This dual-bus configuration enables simultaneous data collection via DewesoftX software and real-time control system integration. This capability ensures that the IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD can serve dual purposes. Therefore, providing comprehensive data acquisition while supporting real-time automotive testing requirements.


The IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD from Dewesoft represents a significant advancement in automotive testing technology. Its high data rates, extensive compatibility, robust isolation, and versatile configurations make it an indispensable tool for modern vehicle diagnostics and performance monitoring. Whether for stand-alone applications, rack-mounted systems, or harsh environmental conditions, the IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

For automotive engineers and technicians seeking a high-performance, multi-channel CAN FD solution, the IOLITEi 4xCAN-FD is the ultimate choice. Embrace the future of automotive testing with Dewesoft’s innovative technology.

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