Precision Temperature Measurements in Cryogenic Applications

IOLITEir-8xRTDp Module Image used for temperature measurement in Cryogenic applications

In application of cryogenic temperature measurement, accuracy and reliability are essential The IOLITEir-8xRTDp module is a cutting-edge 8-channel Data Acquisition (DAQ) device. Specifically designed to meet the demands of such applications. This new version of the IOLITE temperature module offers channel-to-channel isolation. Therefore, making it particularly suitable for measuring temperatures. Achieved by using Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) in extremely low-temperature environments.

Addressing the Seebeck Effect

Cryogenic applications, such as those involving liquid nitrogen cooling, often encounter the Seebeck effect. This occurs when there is a significant temperature difference between two conductors. Resulting in the generation of a voltage difference that can introduce measurement errors. The IOLITEir-8xRTDp module effectively removes this issue. By employing pulsed excitation, the module creates an AC coupling that eliminates the DC offset error. Therefore, ensuring precise and accurate temperature readings.

Versatile and Configurable for Temperature Measurements in Cryogenic Applications

The IOLITEir-8xRTDp is not limited to a single mode of operation. It supports both DC and AC excitation types. Allowing individual configuration for each channel via software. Additionally, the module offers a voltage input mode with ranges of ±1 V and ±100 mV, further enhancing its versatility. This flexibility allows users to tailor the module’s functionality to their specific requirements.

High-Performance Specifications

The module’s performance is underpinned by its advanced hardware features. The input connector is a 6-pin 0B Series Lemo connector. Ensuring robust and reliable connections. It incorporates a 24-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC). This enables sampling rates up to 100 samples per second (S/s) per channel. Therefore, providing high-resolution and real-time data acquisition.

Seamless Integration with EtherCAT

As with all standard IOLITE modules, the IOLITEir-8xRTDp is equipped with dual EtherCAT buses. This feature allows the module to collect data via DewesoftX software. Whilst simultaneously providing it to a real-time control system. Such dual functionality ensures seamless integration into various system architectures. Therefore, making the module suitable for a wide range of applications.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

The IOLITEir-8xRTDp module is designed for ease of installation and compatibility. It can be mounted in all standard rack chassis, including the IOLITE-R12, IOLITE-R8, and IOLITE-R8r. This flexibility in mounting options allows users to incorporate the module into existing setups with minimal disruption.


The IOLITEir-8xRTDp module represents a significant advancement in cryogenic temperature measurement technology. Its ability to eliminate the Seebeck effect-induced errors through pulsed excitation. As well as combined with its versatile configuration options and high-performance specifications. Therefore, makes it an invaluable tool for researchers and engineers working in low-temperature environments. By integrating seamlessly with EtherCAT systems and offering easy installation, the IOLITEir-8xRTDp sets a new standard for precision and reliability of temperature measurements in cryogenic applications.

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