DAQ with Ethercat R12 R8 R8R

The IOLITE provides the perfect solution for your test bench data acquisition and control systems.  Prior to IOLITE, the two processes of reacting to events through a controller or PLC and recording and analysing high speed data using Data Acquisition were not possible.

The IOLITE changed this process.   With use of dual independent EtherCAT buses. One EtherCAT line is required between PLC and DAQ.  Eliminating complex cabling and redundant analog to digital conversion of the same signals.  Control and Data Acquisition are combined in one superior system.  Eliminating the need for PLC hardware.

The Dewesoft R12, R8 and R8R are DAQ with two independent EtherCAT bus systems.  Firstly, the EtherCAT bus systems work in parallel.  The primary bus provides sychronised data acquisition.  Using the DewesoftX DAQ Software.  Connected via the EtherCAT RJ45 cable to any PC running DewesoftX Software it streams input and output channels at high speed to the PC’s hard drive.

Whereas the secondary EtherCAT Bus is used in two ways.  Either as a low latency front end interface for any 3rd party EtherCAT compatible real time controllers or as an additional bus for critical DAQ applications.

Therefore, by eliminating the PLC Hardware, any PLC software can fully control the outputs of an IOLITE DAQ System.  And the IOLITE system can drive the actuators. This one system can do it all!

Secondly, the IOLITE offers amazing signal conditioning.  With a range of input and output slots you can measure: voltage, current, strain, stress, vibration, sound, temperature, digital counters and much more.  Configurable with either 12 or 8 modules. 

Dewesoft’s DewesoftX Software platform comes with the IOLITE R12, R8 and R8R.  It performs data collection without losing a single sample.  It provides great visualisation and processing capabilities that is easy to use.  Data storage to a time-series database.  Or to support Industry 4.0 applications it can be served to SCADA Systems using OPC UA or XCP interfaces.

R12: 19 Inch Rack Cabinet Mount Chassis

The IOLITE R12 is the 19 Inch Rack Cabinet Mount Chassis version.  Perfect for test bed and high channel count data acquisition applications.  With a chassis height of 4U, it can host up to 12 IOLITE I/O modules.  An IP30 Rating with an operating temperature of -10 to 50°C.  Higher temperature options are available.

R8: Rugged Box Chassis IOLITE DAQ System

The IOLITE R8 is a stand-alone closed aluminium chassis. Firstly, it is compatible with SIRIUS data acquisition instruments. In addition, it provides 8 slots for IOLITE input and output modules whilst being IP40 rated.  Therefore, it can operate -10 to 50°C temperature range.  However, some configurations extend this range -40 to 85°C.  Contact Metromatics to learn more.

R8R: Rugged Fanless Box Chassis IOLITE DAQ System

Looking for a more ruggedised version?  The IOLITE R8R is it.  Firstly, it provides fanless passive cooling.  As well as 8 slots for IOLIE rack DAQ Modules.  In addition, this model is designed for use in harsh and dusty environments.  Plus, it can withstand high shock and vibration conditions and is IP50 rated.  Therefore, it can operate -10 to 50°C temperature range.  However, some configurations extend this range -40 to 85°C.  Contact Metromatics to learn more.

Features of the DAQ with Ethercat R8, R8R, R12 include:

DUAL ETHERCAT BUS: IOLITE has two EtherCAT buses.  They operate in parallel. The primary bus is for buffered data acquisition to a PC computer hard-drive. The secondary bus is for the real-time low-latency data feed to any 3rd party EtherCAT-based control system.

HIGH-END SIGNAL CONDITIONING: IOLITE data acquisition systems feature high-quality analog and digital amplifiers that offer excellent signal quality. The amplifiers use 24-bit ADCs with up to 20 kHz sampling rate, freely software selectable.

MULTIPLE CHASSIS OPTION: IOLITE R12 aluminium chassis is compatible with 19” rack cabinets. It can fit up to 12 I/O amplifier modules. IOLITE R8 and R8R are for field-use and can fit up to 8 amplifier module cards.

REDUNDANT POWER SUPPLY: IOLITE main frame chassis feature an integrated redundant power supply. This provides maximum system reliability for mission-critical applications.

WIDE OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE:  -10℃ to 50℃.  Options for -40℃ to +85℃ temperature range are available.

GREAT PRICE/PERFORMANCE: IOLITE offers a great price/performance ratio and is suitable for testbed integration and various industrial applications.

SOFTWARE INCLUDED WITH FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES: Easy to use, yet very robust in functionality, award-winning DewesoftX data acquisition software is included. The software comes with lifetime free upgrades and no hidden costs, bringing you intuitive configuration, smart sensors, advanced storage, and analysis capabilities.


To find out the technical specifications or more features of the IOLITE product, click the more information button.  Otherwise, contact Metromatics and we will be more than happy to talk to you more about this great product.

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