Ethernet Remote I/O Modules add EtherNet IP Communication

Ethernet IP Remote IO

Acromag’s Busworks NT Series Ethernet Remote I/O Modules have expanded.  They now offer Remote IO Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP/IP networking protocol and communication.

Firstly, Ethernet Industry Protocol referred to as EtherNet/IP.  Ethernet/IP is traditional Ethernet that contains an industrial application layer protocol.  Targeted towards the industrial automation market.

Secondly, these modules were tested.  They received an ODVA declaration of conformity from the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association.  This is an independent vendor test service provider.  They were able to confirm that the modules have interoperability across vendors and systems.

The Busworks NT Series consists of NTE Ethernet I/O Modules and NTX Expansion I/O Modules.  Firstly, the NTE I/O Modules have dual RJ45 ports.  As well as a webserver with Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP communication which monitors or controls the internal I/O channels.  This model contains an integrated DIN rail bus.  Which allows connections of up to three NTX expansion I/O modules.

Each NTX I/O extension module adds up to 16 input or output signals.  Therefore, enabling a mix of voltage, current, temperature, TTL and relay control signals network on one IP address.

Applications for Ethernet IP Remote IO include:

  • Remote Monitoring & control
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Building HVAC Energy Consumption and more

Amazingly, only 25mm of DIN rail is required per module.  The Ethernet I/O modules distribute 9-32V DC power along the DIN rail bus to the expansion modules.  With hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity and a -40 to 70°C operation, make these I/O ideal for use in rugged environments.

The NT2000 Buswork Series offer a wide variety of I/O signal processing options.  Such as:

  • 9 x I/O configurations are either NTE Ethernet I/O or NTX Expansion I/O Models
  • Analog models: have 8 x differential or 16 x single ended inputs for monitoring current or voltage signals
  • Discrete I/O models: have 16 x tandem input/output channels with either active high/low input and sinking/sourcing output.
  • As well as a 6 Channel Mechanical Relay Output is available
  • Temperature monitoring: a thermocouple input model supports many sensor types and millivolt ranges
  • More models coming with additional I/O functions over the coming months

Finally, Profinet communication is coming soon.  Then each module will support all three protocols.  Also this will provide the advantage of being able to select a protocol using any web browser to configure the network settings and I/O operation.  The modules typically function as a network slave. However, Acromag’s i20® peer-to-peer communication technology can be used.  This will allow the transfer of data between modules directly without a host or master in between. Multicast capability is included.

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Learn all about BusWorks NT Modules from this video