High Speed DisplayPort Switcher used in helicopters

High Speed DisplayPort Switcher being used on helicopters for 4K viewing

Two years ago, EON Instrumentation announced that they delivered their DP-25 high speed Display Port Switcher being used in NASA’s X-59 experimental plane.  As mentioned in this blog.

However, NASA Spinoff Magazine has written an interesting article on EON’s Ultra High-Definition Video Switcher technology.  Firstly, they write about the purpose of the X-59.  With its goal to lower the sound of the sonic boom when travelling faster than the speed of sound.  It is then mentioned that the plane has no forward-facing windows.  Therefore, pilots rely on specialised digital displays using cameras, image processing software and computing processors which project more surrounding information directly in front of them.

Spinoff, goes on to talk about in order for this to be possible they needed a route.  To get the active video to the monitor – and at previously unheard of speeds. Luckily, Californian based EON Instrumentation was up for the challenge.

Directly from the article it states, “The DP-25 high-speed DisplayPort switcher delivers the video streams from the processor – linked to both the take off and landing and in-flight cameras – to a 4K monitor, that is, one that has about four times the resolution of traditional high definition.”

Finally, the article discusses how this superspeed converter technology is now being implemented by commercial aviation companies. Especially in helicopters.

Directly from the article it states, “An international helicopter manufacturer is using the switch to add a 4K video display to a number of its models, making it easier for pilots to see other aircraft in their airspace. These helicopters are used for emergency medical services, public services, offshore energy, commercial transport, and private aviation.”

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