DisplayPort Switcher/Converter for NASA

NASA X-59 QueSST program

EON Instrumentation have delivered their first DisplayPort Switcher/Converter to NASA for the new X-59 QueSST program.

The ADV-DP-25 is a high speed, dual redundant video converter. Firstly, it contains two DisplayPort 2160p60 inputs.  These inputs are actively switched to one DisplayPort output.  Along with mirrored outputs of SDI 2160p30 x 1, SDI 1080p60 x 2 and NTSC x 1.

Secondly, the main video PCB receives the redundant DisplayPort signals with input 1 set as primary.  It then detects any loss of this primary signal before immediately switching to backup input 2.

You might be asking how is it able to do this without losing signal?  The answer being that EON developed a firmware.  It is used in conjunction with an internal FPGA.  It sends a test pattern for the sub-millisecond switching time.  This allows it to keep a sync signal on the monitor.

DisplayPort Switcher/Converter for NASA

Whilst this happening to the active switching DisplayPort output.  It converts the output to be mirrored.  Meaning it produces 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI x 2 and NTSC outputs for a secondary monitor to meet recording purposes.

The ADV-DP-25 is fully qualified to Environmental and EMI MIL Specs DO-160, 461, 704 and 810.

An additional two units were delivered to NASA in February 2021.

Finally, for more information about this product, contact us.

About EON Instrumentation

EON Instrumentation is a US Company.  They design and manufacture military qualified products for airborne, shipborne and ground vehicle platforms.  Products include Analog and High Definition Video Systems (splitters, converters, selectors, cameras, monitors and recorders); Interference Blankers, Rugged Power Supplies, Audio Amplifier Systems and System Engineering Programs.

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