FUTEK celebrates 10 Years on Mars

FUTEK celebrates 10 years on Mars

FUTEK celebrates 10 Years on Mars!  FUTEK is part of a historic milestone with the NASA JPL Curiosity Team.  It is the 10 year anniversary of the rover’s successful landing on Mars.

Initially, Curiosity was to be sent to the Red Planet for two years.  Ten years on Curiosity continues to drill and collect samples from Mars surface.

However, back in 2007, NASA JPL selected FUTEK as a partner.  FUTEK were responsible for the design, development, and manufacture of two mission critical sensors.  These sensors were designed to control the rover’s robotic arm.  As well as providing feedback during the sample drilling process.

In 2022, FUTEK’s sensors continue to perform flawlessly in the harsh Martian environment.  They have also played an essential role in Curiosity’s success.  When the rover’s drill stabiliser failed in 2016, the JPL team amazingly configured the two FUTEK sensors to stabilise and control the drilling. In 2018, the successful drilling operation recommenced.

Therefore, FUTEK are not only celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Curiosity landing.  They are also recognising the entire FUTEK platform’s commitment to the true meaning of “Failure is not an option”.  This mindset is a critical element of FUTEK’s Quality Culture.  As it benefits all applications they touch.  From landing the rover on Mars to supporting assisted surgical robots during critical surgery.

During this momentous occasion, the CEO of FUTEK Mr Javad Mokhbery and Mr Thomas Bowles the Director of Quality Assurance at FUTEK sat down and created a Podcast all about this experience.  To listen to the podcast, click here.

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FUTEK is a US based Manufacturer of  load cells, force transducer, torque sensors, pressure sensors, and multi-axis sensors. From precision medical instruments to high-performance robotic solutions. FUTEK products are designed to work in the most demanding environments — even on Mars.