Upgrade your VME Application

Upgrade your VME Application

Does your VME Application need an upgrade?  Look no further.  Simply add Acromag’s XMCAP2000 AcroPack® carrier to the equation and you have your answer.

Firstly, with two AcroPack mezzanine slots allow you to mix a variety of I/O and FPGA functions on a single board.  Or you combine modules of the same type.  Giving you a whopping 80 channels on a single card!  Whatever you decide the XMCAP2020/2021 saves your precious card slots and reduces your costs.

How to upgrade your VME application in three easy steps

  1. Select a VME Single Board Computer.  Choose Intel Celeron or Intel Core i7 Processors.  Find out more, here.
  2. Decide on front or rear I/O with this XMC carrier card. Choose two slots with front or rear I/O options.  Find out more, here
  3. Add your I/O with AcroPack I/O or FPGA mezzanine modules to customise you application. Find out more, here

What’s the advantage of AcroPack I/O Modules?

AcroPack is a refresh of the old IndustryPack I/O Module.  It is based on a mini PCIe form factor. The advantage being it has a down-facing connector.  This means it securely routes I/O signals through the host carrier card without any extra cabling.  Now that is a bonus!

Also, the AcroPack carrier cards are available in Mini ITX, PCIe, VPX, XMC, and other formats.  They provide direct access to the field I/O signals through front-panel CHAMP connectors or the rear backplane.

The module size is tiny at only 30 x 70mm per module.  Plus, up to four AcroPacks can plug into a single carrier card in any I/O combination.  There are more than 25 AcroPack modules to choose from!  Such as analog I/O, digital I/O, communication, FPGA computing functions, Avionics, fieldbus and more.

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