Low Current Measurement Module

Low Current Measurement Module

Dewesoft has released the KRYPTONi-8xLA which is a rugged multichannel low current measurement module. Firstly, it is a perfect device for data acquisition in control applications requiring an input current range of ±20 mA.

KRYPTONi-8xLA has 8 analogue channels. Data acquisition is performed by 24-bit ADC.  With a sampling rate of up to 20 kS/sec.  Secondly, each channel includes analog 5th order (Bessel type) anti-aliasing filter with 41 kHz cut-off frequency.

Rugged design enables the performance of KRYPTONi-8xLA in extreme conditions. It can withstand vibrations up to 13 g RMS and shocks up to 100 g. The temperature operating range of KRYPTONi-8xLA is between -40°C and +85 °C. With the use of a proper mating connector IP67 ingress protection rating can be reached.

The KRYPTON devices are using 100 Mbit/s EtherCAT protocol for data transfer and synchronisation. As all standard KRYPTON devices, it can be daisy-chained.  In a single measurement chain using a single cable for data, power, and synchronisation.

KRYPTONi-8xLA comes in standard dual width chassis with BNC input connectors.

For more information on the KRYPTONi-8xLA Low Current Measurement Module, please visit the KRYPTON DAQ page  or contact us.

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