Structure Safe: The Ultimate Tilt Meter

IOLITEi-2xMEMS-INC Inclinometer or Tilt Meter


Introducing the  Dewesoft IOLITEi-2xMEMS-INC: Revolutionising Static Inclination Monitoring

Monitoring static inclination, or the tilt of a stationary structure, is a pivotal aspect in many industries. It ensures the safety, longevity, and functionality of structures ranging from bridges to wind turbines. The science and technology behind this monitoring have just been given a significant boost with the introduction of the  Dewesoft IOLITEi-2xMEMS-INC Tilt Meter.

What is the IOLITEi-2xMEMS-INC?

The IOLITEi-2xMEMS-INC is a ground breaking static two-axial inclinometer.  Also known as a tilt meter. This state-of-the-art device is specially designed for monitoring the static inclination of various structures.  Including but not limited to bridges, viaducts, high-rise buildings, and wind turbines. It meticulously measures roll and pitch angles about its X and Y axes, with the Z axis positioned vertically.


Specifications of this Tilt Meter that will be sure to Impress

The capabilities of this inclinometer are truly impressive. Here’s a rundown of its specifications:

  • Measurement Range: It boasts a measurement range of ±15 degrees, providing ample scope for monitoring various structural inclinations.
  • Resolution: At a detailed resolution of 0.001 degrees, this device promises ultra-precise measurements, capturing even the slightest shifts.
  • Relative Accuracy: With an accuracy of 0.01 degrees. Ensuring highly precise and dependable readings.
  • Sample Rate: The device samples at 1 Hz, which is sufficient for tracking static inclinations.
  • Bandwidth: A bandwidth of less than 0.1 Hz.  Data is captured. Whilst, filtering out potential noise.
  • Offset Temperature Drift: This feature shows the device’s resilience to temperature changes, with a typical drift of 0.0001 deg/degC and a maximum of 0.0005 deg/degC.
  • Temperature Range: Designed to work efficiently in diverse environments. In addition, functioning in a temperature range between -20°C and 60°C.

Why the IOLITEi-2xMEMS-INC Stands Out

With the infrastructure landscape continuously evolving, the need for accurate and reliable inclination monitoring tools is paramount. The IOLITEi-2xMEMS-INC stands out due to its precision, resilience to environmental factors, and its wide application range.

Whether you’re in the construction industry ensuring the stability of a high-rise.  Or in the renewable energy sector monitoring the tilt of a wind turbine.  This inclinometer is an invaluable tool in ensuring the safety and functionality of structures.

In conclusion, as industries continue to advance and structures grow taller and more complex, tools like the IOLITEi-2xMEMS-INC become not just useful, but essential. It’s a step forward in ensuring that our man-made marvels not only stand tall but also safe and secure.