Dewesoft’s Data Acquisition used in Automotive World Record

This blog on Dewesoft’s Data Acquisition used in Automotive World Record originates from our friends at Dewesoft written by Matjaž Strniša.


On October 7, an electrifying moment in automotive history was marked at the Papenburg proving grounds in Germany. The Rimac Group’s Nevera, a beacon of hypercar innovation, shattered the Guinness World Record for the fastest vehicle driving in reverse. This ground breaking achievement was meticulously measured and authenticated by Dewesoft Data Acquisition Systems and Software, showcasing their technological prowess in the high-stakes arena of record-setting.

The Challenge

The Rimac Group, a titan in electric hypercar manufacturing, set an audacious goal: to establish a new Guinness World Record for the fastest reverse driving. This Croatian automotive powerhouse, steered by CEO Mate Rimac, has long relied on Dewesoft’s sophisticated tools across various departments. The record attempt was not just a test of the Nevera’s capabilities but also a demonstration of Dewesoft’s precision in measuring extreme performance.

The Solution: Navion i2 and DewesoftX

For this high-velocity challenge, Dewesoft deployed its Navion i2 Inertial Navigation System. This system is a paragon of accuracy in position and velocity measurements, making it an ideal choice for such a precise endeavour. Automotive application engineer Matjaž Strniša was at the forefront, utilising the Navion i2 to gather crucial data.

The results were striking. The Nevera reached a maximum velocity of 275.74 km/h (171.34 mph) over a distance of 863.14m.  All recorded and validated through the DewesoftX software. This software not only captured the data.  But also presented it in a comprehensible and verifiable format.  Therefore, crucial for the record’s certification.

The Verification Process

The Guinness World Records organisation, known for its stringent verification processes, placed its trust entirely in Dewesoft’s technology. Guinness adjudicator Mr. Jack Brockbank was present to witness the record-setting event, ensuring all guidelines were met. Dewesoft’s role was pivotal – they provided comprehensive documentation of the measurement.  Including technical details of the equipment, measurement uncertainties, and a calibration report for the navigational unit.

The Triumph

The successful record attempt was a moment of pride for both the Rimac Group and Dewesoft. It underscored Rimac’s pioneering spirit in the realm of high-performance electric vehicles and Dewesoft’s unmatched expertise in precision measurement. This collaboration not only set a new world record.   However, it also pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in automotive engineering and data acquisition technology.


Dewesoft’s contribution to the Rimac Group’s Guinness World Record is a testament to the power of cutting-edge technology in breaking new ground. It’s a story of synergy.  Between a visionary automotive manufacturer and a leader in measurement solutions.  Therefore, culminating in a historic achievement. Congratulations to both teams!   Be sure to check out the video below.