Dewesoft X3 SP9 Released

The Dewesoft X3 SP9 Software has been released.  The information below has been kindly supplied by our friends at Dewesoft.

Remember X3 SP9 is a free upgrade to all existing users.  Upgrade it now to check out all the new features from here.  For more information on Dewesoft products, contact us.

Dewesoft X3 SP9 release is packed with new functionality that is sure to help you by expanding your current measurements using new devices, protocols or analysis methods. They have also made several user experience improvements that will definitely be noticed and appreciated by any user, no matter the application field.

Dewesoft X3 SP9 contains the following new features:

  • Sound quality
  • New icons and improved display management
  • OxTS GNSS inertial navigation device support
  • Map: elevation data, 3D model, performance boost
  • SENT protocol support
  • C++ Processing and visual control plugin
  • Other (Notifier, Barcode scanner, Complex presentation, 64-bit SerialCom)

Sound Quality Analysis

Sound quality measurement is an indispensable tool for successful sound engineering as reducing the noise from a product is of increasing importance when assessing the product’s overall quality.

Dewesoft’s sound quality solution addresses the need to empirically evaluate how sound produced by different kinds of machines is perceived by the human ear.

The module supports Loudness calculations according to ISO 532-1 and 532-2 as well as the Normal equal-loudness-level contours in accordance with ISO 226. The analysis can either be performed in real-time or offline.

Additional information on Sound Quality Analysis is available on the Sound Quality Application page and Dewesoft X online manual.

Improved User Experience – New Icons and Improved Display Management

The majority of Dewesoft’s icons were redesigned from scratch in order to better fit with the overall design and at a single glance give you a better understanding of what they represent. Moreover, we have made significant changes to Dewesoft’s design mode in order to make display management easier and more intuitive.

Adding widgets (formerly visual controls) is now handled in the same way as all other Dewesoft modules. Once added, they can be placed more precisely using a new alignment function and their right-click properties can be accessed by clicking the menu button in their toolbar.

Management of displays is now handled in a separate window where you will find all the properties of displays as well as be able to move them around and create sub-displays.

Saving the best for last, popular keyboard shortcuts CTRL-C (copy) and CTRL-V (paste) are now enabled and can be used for the selected widget! Under experimental features, you can also turn on the undo and redo functions (CTRL-Z).

OxTS Inertial Navigation and GNSS Device Support

OxTS RT-series GNSS/INS devices are used for precision measurements of motion in real-time. The new OxTS device plugin is able to acquire their data over Ethernet into Dewesoft. The module supports the NCOM format which is the default data format used by Oxford devices.

An OxTS device can either be used as a clock master or slave when synchronized with Dewesoft instruments. In order to use it as a clock master, an additional cable with a PPS pulse inverter is required, which will be available for purchase from Dewesoft in the near future. Multiple OxTS devices can also be connected and used simultaneously.

Further information about the OxTS device support is available in Dewesoft’s software manual.

Interactive GPS Map – Elevation Data, 3D Model, and Performance Boost

The map widget has been upgraded with terrain elevation data for the entire world, hosted on Dewesoft servers that are optimized for maps.

A 3D Model widget that allows yaw, pitch and roll monitoring of the selected navigation track has also been created and can run alongside the Map with the same models.

The 3D model, as well as the main Map widget, are now both written in Direct3D 11, which is supported by a wider range of GPUs and is optimized for low-end hardware. This means you can expect to use the widgets on PCs that previously weren’t able to run them or achieve better performance.

SENT Protocol Support

The SENT protocol (Single Edge Nibble Transmission – SAE J2716) is a data transmission protocol that has seen a big increase in use, especially in the automotive industry. The module developed decodes a SENT signal transmitted from a sensor using counter channels.

The module supports two fast channels and any number of slow channels, which are detected automatically. The SENT signals can be decoded from multiple sensors simultaneously while each sensor is using a dedicated counter channel. Channel configurations can be reused when exported to an XML file.

Further information about the SENT protocol module is available in Dewesoft’s software manual.

C++ Processing and Visual Control Plugin

Extending Dewesoft’s functionality with custom modules is now simpler than ever with the addition of signal processing and data visualization control plugins. Each plugin comes with its own Dewesoft Online PRO Training Course to help you learn how to write C++ plugins and to create your very own user interface.

By completing the courses you will be able to write the plugin almost as if you were writing C++ Scripts, except with much more powerful debugging tools than C++ Script could ever offer. You will be able to apply any number of input channels, process the data using modern C++, direct the results into output channels, change Dewesoft settings, and much much more!

Other New Features

Notifier Module

Notifier is a Dewesoft module for sending notifications and is an upgrade to the existing SendMail plugin. In addition to sending emails, the Notifier module also supports HTTP post notifications.

Unlike Dewesoft X SendMail Plugin, the Notifier allows you to define multiple notification events that can be linked to different alarms and sent out with a custom message.

Barcode Scanners Support

The barcode scanner module allows you to scan linear barcodes, QR codes and Data matrices.  Plus store their content into the data header. The handheld scanner and camera modes are supported. Further information can be found in the module’s manual.

Complex Presentation

A complex presentation module is a useful tool.  For extracting different properties of complex numbers (complex scalar channels) as individual Dewesoft channels. Using checkboxes within the module you can output multiple properties for multiple input channels at the same time.  Allowing you to use them in other math modules or display them on the recorder.

64-bit SerialCom Plugin

With the growing popularity of the 64-bit Dewesoft version.  It is important to make sure that all of the functionality previously available in the 32-bit version.  Is also accessible in its higher bit counterpart. Also the previously inaccessible plugins, SerialCom, is finally available in a 64-bit version Dewesoft X3 SP9.