Sound Quality Measurement System

Sound Quality Test System

Sound quality measurement system is an indispensable tool for successful sound engineering.  It addresses the needs to evaluate how sound produced by different kinds of machines are perceived by the human ear.  The tool will help engineers and technicians determine how the sound is perceived, allow you to tune the sound of your machine to make it more appealing to the user and finally maximise market potential.

The Dewesoft Sound Quality measurement System is a perfect example of applied psychoacoustics.  This is where software and hardware work seamlessly together.  Which brings unmatched user experience and measurement results.  It includes the following elements

  • Dewesoft X Data Acquisition Software
  • Dewesoft X Sound Quality Plug In
  • SIRIUS Mini Data Acquisition System
  • Class 1 quarter inch microphone

The Dewesoft Sound Quality enables a real-time and post-time analysis of any sound source.  It also calculates Loudness (ISO 532-1 and 532-2) and Normal Equal Loudness Level Contours ( ISO 226).  Plus a range of other sound quality metrics such as: Sharpness, Articulation Index, Speech Intelligibility, Noise Criterion (NC) and Noise Ratings (NR).

The hearing of sound is a subjective matter.  But objective measurement and testing are possible by applying a range of sound quality parameters and metrics.

Sound Quality Testing is an important design concept for anyone who wants to evaluate and improve the audio quality of machinery, appliances, assemblies, vehicles, sub assemblies of vehicles and any other product producing sound.

Systems are currently used in Automotive Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), Automotive Designs including components.  Plus Electronic devices such as:  loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers, headphones and domestic appliances.

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